There are always opportunities to get involved with The Honest Truth as a volunteer. That can be either attending our seminars across the UK or offering your services or assistance. 

Would you like to become an Honest Truth Advocate? 


At The Honest Truth we’re always looking for new supporters to help us deliver our aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads.  

We’re looking for advocates who:

  • Really care about our aim to their very core. Through devastation and loss can come strength and passion. Those qualities are powerful and drive our charity.  
  • Understand and are comfortable with the fact that we’re a small group of people trying to do a really big thing and we don’t have a large infrastructure. 
  • Drive safe themselves. 
  • Are happy to volunteer their time to support us. 

The role of our advocates is to help spread the Honest Truth about safer driving.

We understand and respect that individuals are busy so will never ask more of our advocates than they can provide. Types of specific activities that we would ask our advocates to support us with include: 

• Helping us to target communications at specific organisations or groups. 

• Supporting us to raise awareness by cascading our messages via social media. 

• Encouraging individuals to make a pledge to The Honest Truth.

For more information please contact [email protected]