How road safety organisations can harness the power of the ADI relationship

Each year, over 825,000 people in the UK pass their driving test and join the highest risk road user group – newly qualified young drivers. Although many new drivers are still in further or higher education, reaching and engaging with this vulnerable group in effective road safety education is a challenge. 

The main ‘touch-point’ for all but a few new drivers are Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).  Learners and ADIs spend around 40 hours together during the process of learning to drive. Typically, lessons are two hours and undertaken weekly; during this time learners often develop a strong bond with their instructor and reach out to them for information and advice on things like choosing a first car and buying insurance.

We know from statistical evidence that the majority of those KSIs (killed and seriously injured) involving new and young drivers aren’t as a result of poor driving skill. In other words, the mirror-signal-manoeuvre technical skills taught by ADIs and required to pass a driving test aren’t so much of an issue as the lack of decision-making skills and understanding of the dangers faced by new drivers.

ADIs clearly provide a unique opportunity to reach every new and young driver at a key point in their driving career and a time when they are receptive to new information. The Honest Truth harnesses the power of this relationship and provides resources and guidance that allows ADIs to quickly and easily deliver key road safety messages within the context of normal driving lessons. In short, THT is the road safety plug-in for driving instructors.



24 pa 



60 pa



108 pa

The Honest Truth delivery pack
Online training seminar
Listing on THT ‘find an ADI’ database
THT partner ADI car sticker
50 THT branded Young Driver Guides per year
THT Approved logos for use on your marketing material and website 
50 THT branded copies of Parent Guide per year
Co-branded THT promo film for website and social media



Every ADI will receive one loyalty style card per student; on the front of the card will be a series of black circles with the relevant THT animal head watermark. When the ADI delivers each of the topics, they initial within the blank circle. When the learner has completed the card, they follow the instructions on the reserve to enter their details online or the chance to win a prize in the quarterly prize draw.

Depending on age and permissions, we can contact each of those who submit their cards and assess how well they’ve retained knowledge and any self-certified behaviour change. This contact point will also provide an opportunity to learn about the ADI delivery style and success. Any RSO funding THT for ADIs in their area will have access to local, national and regional data.

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If you are interested in working with The Honest Truth to train and support ADIs in your area, please get in touch. You don’t need to fund all ADIs and there is no long-term commitment either, we work one year at a time.  

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