Pledges - What's your small change?

Have you made your pledge yet?


What one small change could you make to make you safer on or near the road? It could be putting your mobile phone on silent to prevent any distraction whilst you are driving, or turning your music down a bit so it's not so distracting. You might decide to purchase a decent set of bike lights or some hi-vis to help others to see you more easily.

There are so many simple things that you could do. Whatever you do decide to change please share it with your friends, your family and us using #myhonesttruthpledge.


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Hundreds of people have already pledged to make their one small change - let us know what you are going to do so that we can increase our pledge counter total.


We have received 4,780 pledges so far


Recent pledges - If we all do something the effect will be massive.

Here are some of the recent pledges that we have recieved - post your pledge to our social media channels and we will post it here to inspire others to do the same.