Passengers 'chimping' around can be really distracting and can massively increase the risk of a collision.

Don’t allow monkeys in your car. If your passengers are going to act like chimps then they’re placing you, themselves and other people at risk. They’re also risking your licence. Make the rules of your car known up front. Your car, your rules. You’re the boss.

What's The Honest Truth about the sacrificial seat?

In the emergency services the front passenger seat of a car is sometimes referred to as the ‘sacrificial seat’. This is because just before a road traffic collision the driver's instinct will often be to steer the vehicle away from the danger. As a result of this the passenger side of the vehicle can take the full impact. This means that it's often the passenger and not the driver who is more seriously hurt, or killed.

What can you to keep yourself and others safe?

  • If you know someone who takes risks when driving, try to avoid having to be in a vehicle with them.
  • Plan journeys. If you're going out for the night, plan ahead about how you and your mates are going to get home safely.
  • Agree with your friends up front what's okay and not okay when driving and how you can help each other if you're ever in a tricky situation.
  • If you're in a vehicle with someone and they're driving dangerously, find a way to get out of the situation. Tell them you're going to be sick or that you really need the toilet.
  • Speak to your family or your friends and agree that if you're ever in a situation that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, what you'll all do to help get you out of it (for example - agree a code phrase that you can text like 'Have you seen my red sweater?' to alert that person that you need help. They can then text you or call you straight back and say 'something's happened, it involves mum/dad/sister etc and I need to come and get you right now'. You can then tell your friends that something's happened, you don't know what it is, but it's serious and someone is coming to collect you).