The Honest Truth supports Don't Stream and Drive

The Honest Truth are supporting #dontstreamanddrive day on Tuesday 16 April 2019. The campaign was founded by Sgt Neil Dewson-Smyth from Cheshire Police in 2016 and highlights the dangers of all mobile phone use whilst driving.

Often people don’t realise that when you look away from the road your reaction time decreases by up to 50%. There is a growing practice of streaming driving, and this can result in looking momentarily away from the road.  Hands-free mobile phone use is legal, but not okay.

There is a substantial documented research proving that hand held and hands free mobile phone use is a significant distraction and substantially increases the risk of being involved in a crash.  A National Safety Council white paper concludes drivers using mobile phones have a tendency to look but not see, this is sometimes referred to as ‘Inattentional blindness’.

Drivers who use a mobile phone whilst recording/livestreaming will;

  • Be less aware of what is going on around them
  • Fail to see road signs
  • Fail to maintain lane/road position or consistent speed
  • Be more likely to tailgate
  • Have increased reaction times, take longer to brake and stop
  • Be more likely to enter unsafe gaps in traffic

Distracted driving is not something new.  It has always been there from rubber necking to messing with the stereo, lighting cigarettes, drinking/eating and even children. The mobile phone has simply added an additional distraction to already overloaded drivers. Mobile phones have become an extension of our hands and so normalised to us that many drivers are oblivious to the dangers. Our lives are becoming increasingly digitally orientated. Social media platforms, chat services and other applications are all calling for the users attention and FOMO (fear of missing out) has become a very real issue for many.

Then we have those who actively engage with such platforms whilst driving. A short glance to read a notification can lead to tragedy but live and recorded video has become very popular and is increasingly leading drivers to record footage whilst at the wheel.

A brief search across social media platforms will quickly reveal drivers engaged in this dangerous behaviour. The message is clear. #DistractedDrivingKills

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Published: 18th March 2019

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