My Red Thumb and why it's important

So as the new kid on the block at The Honest Truth, I'm still learning a lot about road safety on a daily basis.

Something that I'd heard about and supported before is My Red Thumb which if you haven't heard of it as a campaign that encourages people not to use their phone when driving.

Because the campaign seemed so massive and popular across the UK I always assumed it was government led but since working for The Honest Truth I've discovered that it started right here in Devon by these guys

So, why's this important and so relevant?

Because although the majority of people understand that they shouldn't use a phone whilst driving and why, a huge amount of people still do. I was at the Young Driver Focus 2017 Conference (which was awesome) recently and one of the speakers was talking about this subject. She (if I remember rightly) works in health so talked about how she knew more than most about the risks of alcohol and a poor diet on the mind and body, but had still enjoyed a glass of white wine and an unhealthy (but very tasty) meal the night before the conference.

It's not enough to tell people not to do something because it could hurt them or others (and many people just don’t like being told not to do something).

Us humans beans are complex creatures. We do things that we know are wrong sometimes. We say things we don’t always mean. We do things that we know are bad for us. We occasionally put the milk in the kitchen cupboard and a saucepan in the fridge (that might be just me). We think bad things like being involved in a car crash happen to other people, but won’t happen to us.  

In my view great campaigns about serious issues start conversations and it’s through talking comes real change.  

This is a serious issue because being distracted by a mobile phone in a vehicle drastically increases the risk of being involved in a collision.

My Red Thumb is a great chance to get people having a really honest chat about whether or not they use their phones when they’re driving. That can be tough because it involves people admitting that they’re breaking the law, but unless we’re prepared to talk about the ‘why’ people use their phones, and what would encourage them to stop, we’re not going to make much progress.

Please check out the My Red Thumb campaign tomorrow, show your support through social media using #myredthumb and please talk with your friends and family about the use of mobile phones when driving.

I’m going to be talking about My Red Thumb tomorrow with the people I love and care about because I don’t want a text or call from me to be the one distraction that means I never ever get to see them again.

If you make one small change, it could save a life. Please put your phone away in your vehicle where it can't distract you.

You can find out more about the law relating to mobile phones and vehicles on The Honest Truth website (click on the icon for mobile phones).

Thanks for reading.

From Vix

Published: 10th May 2017

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