Driving Instructor Profile - Tina Cassady

The Honest Truth gets people thinking - and we need drivers to think about road safety 

Tina Cassady, from FAB driving school, has been an ADI in Ilkeston and North West of Nottingham since 2012. She works for herself and her passion has recently become a family affair as her sister has started ADI training. Around 2014 Tina was introduced to The Honest Truth by her local association chairman, and since then she has used it with her pupils. We asked Tina to tell us more about how and why she uses The Honest Truth. 

‘I’d been an ADI for about two years when I was shown The Honest Truth. It was new and just being expanded nationwide. I was caught by the simplicity and that it doesn’t preach, just gives facts and tells real stories. This stood out and I thought that this would work. 

I give every pupil a welcome pack which contains the leaflet, or a card and I tell them how the website could benefit them. I have the cards on display and when appropriate we discuss them. If something happens in a lesson, I refer to the book and discuss with the pupil what we saw and how something could have been dealt with better, I use the examples to get pupils thinking. I apply different sections of The Honest Truth to different lessons and often find myself referring to something in a previous lesson. 

Some pupils are really interested in the facts and stories, and like all things, some are not bothered, but I do try to link it in with the lesson. I get them thinking by giving a fact from The Honest Truth for example, ‘the unbelted person will hit with the force of a charging rhino.’  

I have worked in this way for a quite a while so I am excited that there will be new materials soon and I can update how I use The Honest Truth. 



Published: 28th January 2019

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