Dorset Police ADI reaches ‘highly approved’

Dorset Police employee Claire Norman reaches ‘highly approved’ status in Dorset in her role as ADI promoting The Honest Truth messages by utilising the Goals for Driver Education.

Claire has received 100% positive feedback from all her student’s confirming that she has worked with the student’s to help them to identify what represents their biggest risk.  The main factors identified from all Claire’s feedback was distraction and tiredness.

Claire works with all her students to identify what they could do to address these risks by using coping strategies and setting agreed goals to reduce those risks.

The ADI feedback forms allow Dorset Police to ensure that ADI’s are delivering the road safety messages and in return the ADI will receive a star rating shown on The Honest Truth website against their details

Claire is a shining example of how to facilitate the delivery of ‘The Honest Truth’ using a coaching plan., ensuring that all the new drivers on the road are made aware of potential risks and how using ‘coping strategies’ can mitigate those risks, keeping them and other road users safe on our roads.

Well done Claire a well-deserved status.


Published: 7th June 2018

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