Look who’s talking – Parv Walling from ADINJC

Parv Walling ADINJC

Parv Walling is our guest from ADINJC – giving a view on the road safety issues facing ADIs.

I for one can never tire of talking tyres and as it’s October, I will sing like a canary as it’s officially tyre safety month. I love covering tyre safety for many reasons but mainly because I’m aware there are some trainers out there who in a bid to save themselves some money, ‘cut corners’. I’ve never subscribed to the view that it’s ok to use cheaper part worn or reconditioned tyres on a training vehicle for this reason: who knows the history of a part worn tyre?

We are all in a unique position to influence our students about the decisions they make and surely, tyre safety should be high on ours and their priority list. I would always buy the best tyres I could afford and continue to this day to follow that mantra. I can still recall various garage hands telling me I was a rare breed because most trainers would expect to return to them in the near future for a ‘puncture repair’ or an immediate replacement because of regrettable student damage. I still would not change my view. Tyres are the most important component on any vehicle. Respect them and they will repay you with your life for life.