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Choosing a Driving Instructor is a vital step when learning to drive, and more importantly, keeping safe on the roads when driving alone.

When you choose an Honest Truth driving instructor you can be confident that you are being taught more than just the mechanics of learning to drive – you are being taught to be safe when you drive alone.

Watch this short video to help you choose a Driving Instructor


“My Honest Truth driving instructor gave me so much confidence and inspired me to learn how to be a great driver – not just get through my test.” — Hayely, learner driver


Three key reasons to choose an Honest Truth instructor:

1. They won’t focus just on the mechanical skills but will also teach essential life skills that new drivers need when first driving on their own.

2. They’re committed to promoting road safety through effective education, enabling new drivers to make the right decisions when it matters.

3. By learning about ‘The Honest Truth’ new drivers are given the confidence to challenge inappropriate behaviour by passengers and make the small changes necessary to stay safe.

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