Driving Instructor Profile – Roger Tull

Roger Tull is an independent ADI, working in and around Southampton. He has been a driving instructor for 16 years and started using The Honest Truth in 2016, after hearing about us in a seminar run by Hampshire County Council Road Safety Scheme. We spoke to Roger and asked him how and why he uses The Honest Truth.  

“I have been using The Honest Truth in my lessons to develop coaching conservations and as a learning aid. I hand out materials and discuss the issues involved in driving. I use the materials over a series of lessons, or if a certain subject comes up in conversation. Using the Honest Truth persuades my learners to make informed choices in the way they want to develop their driving skills to stay safe on the road for life. 

When I started using The Honest Truth I used it with individuals who I thought would benefit, but I have recently started to use it on every pupil when they get to a higher level of driving. 

The Honest Truth is unique in the clever way the animal heads depict certain driver attitudes. It is also different from other road safety schemes because it uses real life tragedies. Although it is heart breaking to hear these stories it also helps people realise that driving can suffer tragic consequences.”