Driving instructor profile – Nigel Slater

This month we spoke with Nigel Slater from Kent. Nigel has been an ADI for over 12 years and covers Folkestone, Ashford, Canterbury and Herne Bay. In 2010 one of Nigel’s students was killed after passing his test with no faults. Nigel heard Sergeant Olly Tayler speak about The Honest Truth five years ago and was driven to begin using the materials. We asked Nigel about his experiences with The Honest Truth.

“When I heard Sgt Tayler speak through the ADINJC I found his passion for road safety and the work that he was doing to save young drivers lives quite compelling. Having had the misfortune of a student being killed, as a death that could easily have been avoided, I realised I could use The Honest Truth in my lessons to prevent it from happening again.

I use the YouTube videos and other materials to endorse case studies in my lessons. Just recently one of my students paid me a compliment by saying ‘ I love your analogies Nigel.’ I do believe that my students are taking it in and it is having a positive impact. I want to do everything I can to improve the safety of my students and I believe The Honest Truth helps me do that.”