Driving Instructor profile – Ayub Khan

Ayub Khan is an Approved Driving Instructor working in Leeds and Bradford, West Yorkshire. He currently works alone and is in the process of training an ex-pupil to join him on his mission to provide quality teaching and make the roads of Yorkshire safer, and death free. We asked Ayub why he uses The Honest Truth. 

“I saw a post on Facebook, the post caught my attention as it was a personal message to the recipient and connected with them too. It wasn’t a generic message and having caught my eye I found out more about The Honest Truth. 

Living and working in both Leeds and Bradford I hear the news that every week someone loses their life due to the reckless actions of others. Only 4 weeks ago, 4 young people were killed when their car collided with a tree, killing three instantly and the fourth passed away before he was taken out of the car. All were under the age of 25.  The Asian community, especially the Pakistani community here need to address this.  It’s a very sensitive topic as nobody simply wants to stand up and be counted.  I strongly believe that one death is too many and I have upset people by voicing this. Time and time again, I go to funerals of young teenagers whose lives are cut short due to the actions of them or their friends. It’s usually in high powered cars driven by themselves or by their friends. I’ve had enough and so I have made a promise to myself. I know as a driving instructor I have a unique position to facilitate safe driver education and I can start sowing the seeds of responsible, considerate and safe at an early stage by using The Honest Truth materials. 

The Honest Truth is different from other road safety campaigns as it connects with and appeals to the younger age group. When I started using The Honest Truth I would hand the materials out, to give them an insight into what would happen and why. I quickly realised they might not read it, or just put it away and I felt the young were more likely to do this. Whilst in Pakistan on holiday, I had a long hard think about it and decided that it would be more productive to drip feed The Honest Truth into ALL my lessons and use questions to coach and encourage the learners to reason with why something is wrong. 

I’ve now started using the material as core topics and work with and around that topic and fuse it into my learning syllabus. I’ve noticed The Honest Truth makes more of an impact this way.  The Honest Truth is making our roads safer, it’s making the drivers think!”