Driving Instructor Profile – Alan Powell

Alan has been an ADI since 2001, however driving has been a love and hobby for all of his life. From an early age he participated in motorsport and then was heavily involved in Advanced Driver training.

He lives in the West Country and mainly covers Devon and Cornwall training learner drivers, offenders and taking part in off-road motorsport training as a hobby. He works with his wife, who covers the administration side of their business. We asked Alan why he uses The Honest Truth.

“I heard about The Honest Truth when it was first launched. I was invited to the Police Hub in Bodmin, Cornwall with many other ADIs. Sgt Olly Tayler gave a talk, which grabbed my attention. On my 18th birthday (exactly one year after passing my driving test) I very nearly lost my life in a serious RTC. I wondered if I could help others by using The Honest Truth to not to get into that same situation.

Using each of the animal heads, clients can be coached to find their own place in the driving spectrum and to analyse themselves and others. This way they can develop their own responsibility for themselves and others. The animal heads introduce fun to the task but also a very serious objective.

I feel that there is an opportunity to introduce the Honest Truth to every client, whatever their age, when the timing is right for each individual. It has many different options for when and how it can be used, and parents can also be encouraged to become involved. I also use The Honest Truth’s website to back up the teaching given.

I feel that The Honest Truth is a very powerful tool for both students and instructor.”