The benefits your company could get by teaming up with The Honest Truth

We rely on the support of companies to provide our road safety initiatives. This can be anything from corporate donations, gifts in kind, volunteering of staff time or sponsorship.  Not only does your company’s support make a real difference, it also gives you many benefits.

Working in partnership with us is something many companies have benefitted from. As well as the knowledge that your support is helping us to provide our unique road safety initiatives, there are other benefits for your company such as:

– Generating positive PR

– Linking your company with a respected cause

– Enhancing staff morale and teambuilding

– Demonstrating good corporate social responsibility

There are a number of ways you can get involved as a Corporate Supporter:

Charity partnership (for a year or longer!) 

Nominate us and encourage your employees to raise funds. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, all of which encourage staff to work (and even socialise) together. The benefit of a long-term partnership allows more opportunities for positive exposure and to engage more staff in different activities. This is a fantastic way to become involved with the charity because the ideas are limitless! We will provide you with your own tailored calendar of ideas and events for the duration of the partnership.

Gifts in kind 

We have been supported by a number of businesses through the donation of goods or services. For example, if we have needed literature printed, this may be donated as a gift in kind. It saves us money and allows exposure for the company. We also have many companies that donate their expertise, which is valuable as it allows us to access services without incurring cost (helping us to plough even more funds into our initiative) while the company gets to demonstrate fantastic corporate social responsibility. 

Corporate sponsorship 

We have many opportunities to sponsor areas of our website and digital activity as well as events and seminars across the UK.  These offer wonderful publicity opportunities as well as the chance to get your company involved in valuable events. 

Fundraising events 

Encourage your staff to take part in events and fundraise for The Honest Truth. This can be bike rides, running or challenge events, there are plenty of ways to raise money for The Honest Truth. Encouraging staff to take part in events is a fun way of boosting morale and promoting team-building outside the work environment.

For more information contact [email protected]