Children's page

Welcome to THT Children's Page

Hi, thanks for visiting our new pages. From here you can learn the catchy Zoo Song, discover more about The Honest Truth animals and find out about our latest competition. We will also be adding much more in the future - so make sure you come back to visit.

Sing along to the Zoo Song

Watch and learn the Zoo Song and make sure that you tell someone if you do not feel safe when you are on or near the road...

You can find out more about the zoo song here.

Meet the animal characters?

Find out all about the different animal characters that feature in the Zoo Song.


Make a small change.

We can all help to keep ourselves and other people safe on the roads. Let us know what you are going to change to to help keep yourself safe when you are on or near the road.

Competition Time.

The Honest Truth regularly hold fantastic competitions. So far this year we held an activity competition where we teamed up with the wondeful people at Paignton Zoo. Keep checking this page for new competition announcements.