Children start to learn to drive from age 3

Here at The Honest Truth we're trying to help educate people about what they can do to stay safer on the roads.

Children absorb driving behaviours from age 3 when they start to take notice of the driver and how they behave. The Zoo Song was developed to communicate those risky driving behaviours to young people who is turn will have the confidence to speak up if they feel unsafe. We’ve developed a new road safety animation to help to spread our life-saving messages to a younger audience and their parents. Help your child to speak up when they don’t feel safe in a vehicle by teaching them our zoo song. (click the image to play the video)



Let's meet the Zoo Song animals

There are lots of different animals in the Zoo Song. Let's learn a bit more about each one.

Cheetah – The Cheetah is always in a hurry. He drives too fast for the road conditions. Stop, Stop, Stop… Make sure the car can stop in time should there be an emergency.

Parrot – The Parrot does not concentrate on her driving always too busy using a mobile phone. Stop, Stop, Stop… Put the phone away and you are much less likely to have a crash.

Rhino – The Rhinoceros does not put on a seatbelt to drive. Stop, Stop, Stop… It is very important that everyone wears a seatbelt in the car. Being hit with the force of a charging rhino would be very painful.

Peacock – The Peacock drove dangerously showing off to his friends. Stop, Stop, Stop… the best drivers are the smoothest and safe drivers.