There are key people in a position to influence the behaviour of young learner drivers including:

  • You as an Approved Driving Instructor
  • Family
  • Social networks (online and offline)

As an Approved Driving Instructor you are in a unique and powerful position to effectively engage young learner drivers on a face to face basis.

Our approach relies upon a cascade of useful information and safety messages delivered via Approved Driving Instructors, which a learner driver can then share with their families and social networks.

We provide Approved Driving Instructors with information and tools which assist them to engage with young learner drivers about 8 specific risks.

Get involved

If you're a driving instructor who would like to get involved in The Honest Truth it couldn’t be easier. Sign up on right of this page or register your interest with us here and a member of the team will ring you for a chat about what we are trying to achieve and how you can play a part in this.  Once we have your details we can get you signed up and your resource pack will be sent out in the post to you so you can start delivering The Honest Truth to your students.  It’s as easy as that.