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Each year, over 825,000 people in the UK pass their driving test and join the highest risk road user group – newly qualified young drivers.

We know from statistical evidence that the majority of those KSIs (killed and seriously injured) involving new and young drivers aren’t as a result of poor driving skill. In other words, the technical skills taught by ADIs and required to pass a driving test aren’t so much of an issue as the lack of decision-making skills and understanding of the dangers faced by new drivers.

The main ‘touch-point’ for all but a few new drivers are approved driving instructors (ADIs).  With learners and ADIs spending around 40 hours together during the process of learning to drive, as instructors, you build a strong bond and we recognise this as a key opportunity to deliver valuable road safety messages.

ADIs clearly provide a unique opportunity to reach every new and young driver at a key point in their driving career and a time when they are receptive to new information. The Honest Truth educational materials allow you to quickly and easily deliver key road safety messages within the context of normal driving lessons. In short, The Honest Truth is the road safety plug-in for driving instructors.


How do I become an Honest Truth ADI? 

1. Sign up (Button – ADI SIGN UP-HERE)
2. Online training – After signing up you will receive a link to watch a training video and thereafter every year, complete a short e-learning course to maintain your status. This training will support you to deliver accurate and effective education in an engaging way.
3. Receive your pack of materials
4. Deliver to your students

What do I receive? 

Each ADI will receive a set of prompt-cards to keep in your car. These will be designed so you can give students a different card to teach on each lesson, on risky driving behaviour topics such as ‘drug driving’ or ‘inappropriate speed’. You can then have a short discussion about what they’ve read and answer any questions they may have. In total, this should take less than five minutes of a two-hour lesson. Additionally, we will provide ADIs with five 90 second films – one for each of the Fatal Five topics. These can be played on a phone or tablet for a richer viewer experience.

What does it cost? 

The basic Bronze package includes all the vital elements to deliver The Honest Truth, however, with our Silver and Gold options, ADIs receive additional support and resources, including hand-outs for your learners and marketing materials promoting your status as an Honest Truth ADI.


£2 pm 


£5 pm


£9 pm

The Honest Truth delivery pack
Online training seminar
Listing on THT ‘find an ADI’ database
THT partner ADI car sticker
50 THT branded Young Driver Guides per year
THT Approved logos for use on your marketing material and website 
50 THT branded copies of Parent Guide per year
Co-branded THT promo film for website and social media