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The Power of Education

The Honest Truth Road Safety Charity is helping to educate people about what they can do to save more lives and prevent injuries on our roads. The Honest Truth messages are being delivered to many different people - here is a small sample of our work to date.

Learner Drivers

The Honest Truth charity was initially formed to work with Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's) so that during the contact time they have with learner drivers important road safety messages could be taught in addition to the traditional knowledge of controlling a vehicle. Since it's inception literally thousands of students have learnt The Honest Truth about driving.

You can read more about Learner Drivers here.

Primary School Children

The Honest Truth messages have been taught to primary school children during Junior Life Skills sessions. During these sessions children explore how their behaviour can influence others when they are on or near road.

The Honest Truth have recently developed a new road safety animation to help to spread the life saving messages to a younger audience and their parents. We have a dream of every child in the country singing this song when travelling in a vehicle with their parents.

We all need a reminder to concentrate on our driving now and then - who better to give that message then your own child. Help to empower your child to speak up when they do not feel safe by teaching them this catchy song...

We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas in relation to using the song and to hear about any success you have in getting the Zoo Song to go viral.

You can read more about the Zoo Song here.

School and College Students

The HonestTruth works closely with road safety partnerships to ensure that vital road safety messages are getting to school and college students. Thousands of sixth form students participate in road safety presentations throughout the country where they learn how to manage the risks that drivers and passengers are presented with on a daily basis.


Parents have attended events where The Honest Truth shared its professional knowledge about the risks faced with learning to drive and the intial period after a person passes their test. Through organised events parents have learnt the role that they can play to keep child safe on the roads.

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